We help food businesses stay ahead of the curve and focus on serving customers

Tap into our expertise on sustainability and procurement

We’ll support you on:

  • sustainable sourcing projects
  • product benchmarking
  • supply chain efficiency
  • brand deal solutions
  • market insights

We are also founding members of the Better Hospitality Collective, a group of experts finding practical ways for hospitality businesses to create more positive impact, which will attract and foster loyalty amongst both customers and employees. This group covers all aspects of your business from menu design, nutrition, and sustainable architecture, to diversity and inclusion.

Let us do the boring but unavoidable work for you

Someone’s got to gather all the allergen, nutritional and sustainability information from suppliers to help you meet government regulations such as Natasha’s Law, calories on the menu and the Green Claims Code. Let that be us.

Make your sourcing and purchasing as seamless as possible

The last thing you want to do after a long day in the kitchen is spend ages battling with a clunky system or ordering from multiple suppliers all separately. We make ordering as simple as:

  • a list of your chosen products
  • a single basket total
  • one click of a button.

If you’re looking for new suppliers, we have a marketplace designed specifically to highlight local, sustainable suppliers.

Data from supplier to menu with our partners Kafoodle

We’ve teamed up with recipe management, nutrition and dietary experts, Kafoodle, to offer a complete solution for managing essential supply chain data from supplier through to menu and labelling. This enables you to confidently communicate sustainability, allergen and nutritional information to customers without the need to input this information yourself.