Reduce stress, control spend, drive profitability, and manage ESG compliance with our procurement management software

Your procurement management tools for maximum flexibility and control

We’re your one-stop-shop for all your food & beverage procurement needs. We can onboard your existing suppliers or suggest local, sustainable alternatives from our large and growing supplier marketplace. We can also work alongside existing food procurement software to focus on developing a local menu, a regional supply chain, or supporting your long tail of suppliers. Whatever format works best for your business. We’re flexible. We can even cover non-food supplies such as cleaning materials and flowers.

Reduce the stress on your teams

As the last thing chefs do before they go home, placing orders with suppliers needs to be as slick as possible. It’s also got to be easy for chefs to collaborate on ordering as a team and easily follow any communication with suppliers made by others. Any mistakes can be both stressful and time-consuming to fix. With Tried & Supplied’s food procurement software you can make it as easy as a single approved purchasing list, a single basket total, and a single click of a button. Our invoice management module also makes approving deliveries and reconciling invoices quick and easy saving hours of boring admin work for chefs and finance.

Maintain control over spend and compliance

Whether you’re a large group or small independent, it’s important to be able to maintain visibility and control over your purchasing spend. Our food procurement software gives you that control by creating an approved list of food and drink wholesalers and producers for your chefs to choose from and instant visibility over all your purchase orders. As a larger group you probably also have to ensure all suppliers are compliant and adhere to any sustainability or ESG policy you may have. Tried & Supplied’s supplier profiles contain the food safety, nutritional, and ESG information you need to easily assess and approve their compliance and meet government regulations such as Natasha’s Law, calories on the menu and the Green Claims Code.

If your suppliers aren’t already on our system, we will gather the necessary data ourselves when we onboard them.

Design menus for profitability and sustainability

Building more local, sustainable supply chains can complicate recipe management for multi-site groups, but with our recipe management software you can instantly see specific GPs, allergens, and calories for sites with different local suppliers. It’s even easy to¬†calculate the impact of labour and energy usage on the true profitability of your recipes.

Improve your supply chain flexibility and resilience

If there’s anything the last few years has taught us, it’s that we can’t rely on global food supply chains as we have done previously. Local food supply chains offer a number of benefits:

  • greater flexibility on delivery and service
  • fresher, tastier produce
  • reduced food miles
  • ability to be part of your guest experience and marketing strategy
  • ability to be part of your employee experience
  • provide you with a network of local advocates for your business

The advantage of using our e-procurement system and connected supplier marketplace is that you can create agreements with multiple suppliers for the same produce to ensure availability and you can also quickly find new suppliers, assess their compliance, and set them up for purchasing, should you need them.

Transition to a more sustainable supply chain and report on your impact

If you’re making use of our sustainable food & beverage procurement services to transition to a more sustainable supply chain and create a sustainable menu, you’re going to want to shout about it and share your impact with customers, employees and investors. By connecting your purchasing data with your supplier sustainability data, quantifying your impact becomes instantaneous. The data is also easy to feed into any sustainability audit or accreditation you are doing, such as BCorp, carbon footprinting, or the Sustainable Restaurant Association rating, saving you hours of work gathering this data manually.