food in season in December

What Food Is In Season In December?

No need to list the main festivities for December – Christmas and New Year seem to take over the whole month, and, foodwise there’s a focus ...

Recipes and Menus for December

Saucy Dressings aims to complete this post – four weeks’ menus and recipes, plus a few spare by the end of 2018. Every year an additional...
foodie christmas presents

Foodie Christmas Present Ideas

"Adulthood is when your expenditure on Christmas presents exceeds the value of gifts you expect to receive" Economist John Kay, quoted on T...


food in season in january

What Food Is In Season In January?

On 6 January we have Epiphany, and on January 20th we have St Agnes’ Eve, when virgins can dream of their future spouse. From a culinary ...


food in season in February

What Food Is In Season In February?

February is a really miserable month (most suicides happen in this month apparently). No Christmas to look forward to, evenings still starti...