Our verdict – “very drinkable” – not as excellent as the Trapezio ++ but that is reflected in the price tag.


Ralph says,


This is an Argentinian wine from a small vineyard in Mendoza, and it’s been my bestselling wine for the past four or five years. I met the makers in Madrid, we had a blind tasting, I tried it and I thought ‘wow’. It’s as if someone has shoved strawberries and raspberries straight into the bottle.

It used to be a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Malbec, but last year they decided to make it out of 100% Malbec grapes. Since then sales have dipped a bit but I prefer it. My wife likes the blended version better, but this is still her favourite wine. It’s just downright good wine.quotes2



£14 from Ralph’s Wines Online.

Goes with everything!