Thermal Coffee Pots

“What would life be without coffee? But, then, what is life even with coffee?”

-King Louis XV


My experience of thermal coffee pots!

Thermal is always best for me as I easily get sidetracked and my coffee is always going cold. The best thermal cafetiere I have ever found was when I stayed at a B&B in Bath (Three Abbey Green – highly recommended). My breakfast coffee was served in a solid looking thermos-looking pot which kept it warm for ages. The owner told me he’d been looking for a good one for some time and had finally lighted upon these. They are easy to wash up and they have a wide  rubber bottom which stops them slipping on trays.  They are by Planetary Design and they come in lots of different colours.

There is one on the left on the photograph below. The see-through type are fiddly to wash up – avoid them. The completely stainless steel type (by Bodum and Le Cafetiere in the photo) are not bad and completely indestructible.


For more suggestions about coffee makers go to Fran Bradshaw, our guest blogger’s post on coffee.


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