recipe for wonderful wedge potatoes

Wonderful Wedge Lemon-roasted Potatoes

I don't do chips - I am not cluttering up my kitchen with a deep fat fryer, and I am not throwing away all that fat. And in any case Life is Too Short. So whene...
cup and saucer quick prawn and fennel starter

Cup And Saucer Prawn, Fennel and Paprika

The starter for a Valentine's dinner for two, with rhyming venison wellington as a main course and blood orange sorbet (or a gooey chocolate and coffee cak...
recipe for almost instant souffle

‘Souper’ Asparagus Soufflé

Don't aspire for perfection in terms of looks with this dish - as you can see from the image to the side below, I don't! I follow the  Nigel Slater constructive...