This little dish of peaches and feta does well as a canapé, a starter, or as part of mezze spread.

The quantities below are for two – so you’ll need two forks.

And don’t worry if your peaches are not as ripe as you might like, this is a good way of dealing with them as they get heated which brings out the juices.

Why urfa flakes? Because the evil, earthy chocolatey taste of them is a great foil for the lively, summery peaches. Go here for more on Urfa pepper.

And what to drink – this goes fabulously with Tio Pepe en rama (go here for more on this wonderful sherry).


Recipe for a peachy little dish of feta, thyme and bitter honey

Serves 2


• 1 x white peach
• 2-3 tbsps fruity olive oil
• Couple of sprigs of thyme
• 1-2 tbsps runny honey, the bitterer the better – try chestnut
• 150 – 200g/5-7 oz feta
• freshly ground pepper, or Urfa pepper


1. Crumble the feta onto a pretty, microwavable, plate.
2. Cut the peach into slices and lay on top.
3. Take the leaves off the thyme by pulling back over the stalk and scatter over.
4. Grind over the pepper.
5. Drizzle over the olive oil and honey.
6. Heat in the microwave on high for a minute.
7. Serve with two forks and a damn good dryish sherry.


peaches and feta

Delicious dish of peaches and feta