Hot Kissed Cucumber – 60 second vegetable

“This is a great little side dish served with grilled salmon or teriyaki beef, garnished with a sprinkle of toasted cashews, peanuts, or toasted sesame seeds.”

Tom Brown of Cornerstone restaurant in Hackney, interviewed in The Telegraph

I’m all for simplicity and so I love this suggestion by Tom Brown, a former protégé of Nathan Outlaw, for giving a bit of interest and zing to cucumber in a matter of seconds. That’s why I’ve named it Hot Kissed (from KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid) Cucumber.

The idea of serving cucumber hot, and treating it more like a vegetable than something to contribute a crispy freshness to salads is not new to me. See, for example, both Cucumber Is Hot! and Hot And Cold Passionate Salad. But I have to hand it to Mr Brown – this is super-fast, and super-good.

To be fair, the cucumber is more of a conduit for the garnish, although knobbly Lebbanese cucumbers have a bit more flavour. The garnish is key, and the cucumber should be generously encumbered with it.
It goes well with salmon or thin leaves of beef (see Super-Quick Italian Carpaccio); it is also good as a lunch with crusty bread, goats’ cheese, and maybe some salami.

This is what to do:

Music to cook to

Rita Hayworth sings I’ve Been Kissed Before

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