Stanley’s: Chelsea’s hidden Masterchef restaurant

Tucked away in a quiet courtyard just off the Kings Road is chef Liv Burt’s new restaurant Stanley’s. 2019 was a big year for Liv: she was a finalist in both the BBC Masterchef The Professionals and the Roux Scholarship. 2020 is perhaps a bigger year yet with the opening of her own restaurant Stanley’s and it’s well worth a visit.

Stanley's restaurant, Chelsea
The bar at Stanley’s restaurant, Chelsea

The menu looks gorgeous and is very delicate with floral garnishes and pastel colour combinations. I’m sure Liv could do a wonderful menu pairing with outfits from London Fashion Week…The flavours of the dishes are equally delicate and sophisticated. The whipped smoked cod’s roe was perhaps our favourite, but the crab and potted shrimp with sourdough crumpet was also excellent.

Whipped smoked cod's roe at Stanley's, Chelsea
Whipped smoked cod’s roe at Stanley’s, Chelsea

I think the menu could be a little more descriptive as the Hen of the Wood mushrooms we ordered said nothing about being deep fried, tempura style. They were very good, but it was a bit early in the day for me to be eating something deep fried and I probably wouldn’t have chosen them had I known. I’m sure they will learn a lot in the next few months after opening, but already their menu is a fantastic illustration of how beautiful and tasty British seasonal produce can be.

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