The best equipment does not always have to be expensive. With the exception of cherry tomatoes, If you are slicing tomatoes a serrated paring knife is really useful. If you usually use an ordinary knife you will be happily surprised by how much easier it is to use – the serrated knife doesn’t slip off like an ordinary one does. it’s also good for cutting out the core of the tomato. And if you get a red one you can find it easily. The Kuhn tomato knife is currently only about £5.

This sort of serrated knife is useful for all kinds of other fruit and vegetables where the knife can tend to ‘slip off’ the slippery, tight skin, for example, grapes, gooseberries, cherries etc. It’s good for very thinly slicing lemons and limes.

It’s also useful for cutting sausages.

For a quick way of peeling tomatoes go this post.