Help your friends in hospitality and food retail save time and become more sustainable

…and you’ll each get a case of craft beer in return. (Alternatives to beer are also on offer!)

How we help

We not only help find and assess local, sustainable suppliers, but we also make purchasing across multiple suppliers as easy as:

  • a single pre-approved ingredient list per site
  • a single basket total
  • a single click of a button

And we’ll even do the boring, but essential admin to gather sustainability, allergen and nutritional information from suppliers and make it instantly accessible via our platform.

How to refer a friend

We’re looking for decision makers or influencers working in hospitality or food retail businesses who would like to learn how to get started with sustainable sourcing, efficiently manage a broader local supply chain, and grow a loyal local community.
Identify a friend whose business could benefit.
Send them this link to book a 30 min introductory call with our founder. You can join too if you’re interested!
After the call we’ll ask you about what you both like to drink and try to match your surprise to your taste profile.

Why are we rewarding referrals?

Our current food system needs to change urgently. The more businesses we can include in our local, sustainable network, the bigger the impact we will have.

Here’s to a thriving world full of diverse flavours!