Our customers have saved up to 24% and are even purchasing more sustainably. This could be you.

Outsource your food & beverage procurement, streamline your purchasing, and genuinely demonstrate your sustainability.

We can start with all or just a small part of your business and incorporate your existing suppliers. We even do all the necessary data entry for you.

What we do

Procurement software

Procurement software designed with both profitability and sustainability in mind to provide you with maximum flexibility and control, while also reducing stress and saving you time.

Sustainable food & beverage procurement services

Outsource your procurement and sustainability needs to us. We can save you money, provide you with market insight, and offer advice on sustainability as a proactive business partner.

Your one-stop-shop

Our inclusive marketplace of suppliers enables you to work with existing suppliers as well as discover new ones. We specialise in food and drink, but can also cover non-food supplies.

Better hospitality practices turn cost centres into profit drivers.

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Sustainable Food & Beverage Procurement Services UK

Sustainable food & beverage procurement can be complex and daunting both to understand and to implement. There are so many factors to consider in terms of the way the food or drink has been produced, how it has been packaged and how it reaches you. The enormous variability of produce and production methods results in a plethora of sustainable labels that each have their own certification processes or, in some cases, are just terms used without any certification. Our expert team can help you:

  • assess the sustainability of food and drink wholesalers and producers
  • establish a good value, local, sustainable supply chain
  • connect your sustainability and purchasing data for real time impact reporting
  • set you up with a procurement system that makes purchasing across multiple local suppliers as easy as shopping on Amazon
  • facilitate procurement networks to build collective buying power across independent restaurants or retailers

Learn more about food sustainability issues.

Find out what our food & beverage procurement services include.

See a selection of our sustainable food wholesalers and producers.

Discover how a collective procurement network could work for you.

Procurement management software

Designed with both profitability and sustainability in mind, our procurement management software and connected supplier marketplace offers you maximum flexibility for your menu while still maintaining control over costs and compliance.

  • easy-to-search group level approved supplier list
  • individual site purchasing lists
  • purchasing across multiple suppliers made as easy as a single basket total and a single click of a button
  • shared inbox and approval flow for better collaboration
  • digital record of all purchase orders
  • connected sustainability and purchasing data for impact reporting

Want to see in more detail how our software will help you reduce stress, drive profitability, control spend, and ensure compliance?

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