Food For Thought Supper Club London

We discuss ideas worth spreading every third Wednesday of the month over a good meal at a London restaurant.

What we do

TED Talks do a wonderful job of spreading interesting and innovative ideas, but we feel that humanity is at its most creative and positive when discussing and exchanging ideas rather than just listening to one person’s perspective. And the best way of discussing anything is over a good meal. There’s no joining fee, you just pay £5/ticket plus whatever you choose to eat and drink on the night. Any profits are donated to hospitality charity Only A Pavement Away.

How to join and suggest ideas

Follow us on Eventbrite

You can follow us on Eventbrite, which will remind you on email to book your ticket each month.


Join our What’s App Group

And/or you can join our What’s App Group which will put you in contact with other members and remind you via What’s App to book your ticket each month.

Suggest ideas

We welcome suggestions either for topics to discuss or restaurants to explore. You can submit your suggestions here.


Vote for ideas

If you plan on joining regularly and would like to vote on existing suggestions, you can request edit access to our suggestions board by emailing us. You will then be able to add your name to any suggestion to upvote it.

Supporting the hospitality industry

As a business supplying the hospitality industry, we know how tough it is right now and are delighted that with the Food For Thought Supper Club we can support restaurants around London as well as their staff. To reduce the risk of no shows, which sadly is a major problem for the industry, we will be charging £5/ticket on top of your meal, which you choose and pay for on the night. Any money leftover after expenses will be donated to Only A Pavement Away, a fabulous charity supporting those in hospitality who are on the brink of homelessness and those already homeless to find work in hospitality.