We understand that your business is complex and affected not only by your own internal processes, but also by all the external relationships you have with suppliers and customers. This is why we have developed our solution to optimise not only your internal activity, but also that with customers, suppliers and the wider ecosystem. Together we can help you better manage resources and communication for a more sustainable and profitable future.


  • Use our filters and location search to find sustainable suppliers and request proposals
  • Gather sustainability and nutritional information from existing suppliers
  • Manage multiple supplier relationships and contracts in one place
  • Create an easily searchable approved supplier list for purchasers to access


  • Order from all your suppliers in one place with easy-to-access favourites
  • Easily accessible digital paper trail of supplier communication across multiple users
  • Manage multiple purchasing units with different product lists
  • Stay up-to-date with live pricing and availability from suppliers
  • Access high margin opportunity specials from our entire network of suppliers and prevent food from going to waste
  • Prevent ordering mistakes by approving draft orders
  • Generate order numbers that can easily be matched with invoice numbers

Stock and production (coming soon)

  • Create and share recipes
  • Access sustainability and nutritional information per recipe or integrate with one of our digital menu partners
  • Keep track of production, wastage and stock
  • Generate supplier orders from production schedule

Communicating your impact

  • Share highly-visual supplier profiles with customers to tell their stories
  • Add sustainability accreditations to specific recipes or products
  • Quantify your positive impact through the use of your Tried & Supplied data

How to join

You can choose how involved you want to get. You can dive straight in or take it more slowly.

Join our food web community (new)

It’s free to join our collaborative food web of food businesses all working towards a more sustainable future. It’s a platform for sharing knowledge and challenges in relation to sustainable practice, pooling our collective creativity for developing solutions, and coordinating our efforts for bigger impact. If you give us your postal address, we’ll even send you a few surprises along the way.

Arrange an ecological thinking workshop (new)

Resilience and creativity has never been more important. Natural ecosystems are good at this. We have designed a fun and interactive workshop for your team to help your business shift to a more ecological mindset that will increase resilience, creativity and sustainability in your business.

Depending on what you are looking for we can offer these for free or for a charge relative to the size and depth of your session.

Get set up and ordering with your suppliers straight away

We’ll get you set up with your suppliers straight away or help you find new ones. We want to ensure you are constantly getting value for money no matter what size of business you operate, so we charge a monthly 3% on all orders placed through Tried and Supplied. That way you’ll only ever pay for what you use and we are directly motivated to ensure our platform is user-friendly and your business is doing well.

Dedicated and proactive support

We pride ourselves on our service. We’ll help you and your suppliers get set up, provide training across your team, and be on call for any questions you may have while using the app. You’ll have a dedicated customer manager who will work proactively to understand your business challenges and ensure you are benefiting from our wider network as well as any new features.