Why not outsource your procurement to us? We’ll take all that stress off your hands.

Our combined procurement software and services provide you with a complete end-to-end procurement outsourcing solution to increase your margins and drive your sustainability.

Our customers have saved up to 24% and are even purchasing more sustainably through our recommendations.

Your end-to-end procurement outsourcing solution

As a core part of your business, your food and beverage procurement requires periodic reviews, proactive optimisation, and every so often a complete overhaul. Let us work on increasing your margins while simultaneously supporting you on sustainability.

Whether you’d like to continue working with your existing suppliers or work with us to find new ones, we can help you gather the data needed to assess your supply chain from both a profitability and sustainability perspective, spot opportunities for optimisation, and ensure control over spend and compliance.

We can support you with:

  • product benchmarking
  • establishing better prices through collective buying power as a group or independent procurement network
  • sustainable sourcing projects
  • supply chain efficiency
  • brand deal solutions
  • market insights
  • ESG impact reporting
  • software to better manage your supply chain

Let us do the boring but unavoidable data entry for you

Someone’s got to gather all the allergen, nutritional and sustainability information from suppliers to help you meet government regulations such as Natasha’s Law, calories on the menu and the Green Claims Code. Let that be us. We already have a framework built for doing this in collaboration with the Sustainable Restaurant Association and can even tailor this to include any more niche information you may need. The data we hold is then dynamically connected to your purchasing data for easy impact reporting later on and can even be shared with customers via QR codes.

Your in-house sustainability advisor

The sustainability of food is hugely complex and constantly evolving as we learn more about how to do it better. The incredible range of food and drink products requires an understanding of a similar range of production methods and their varying impacts on the environment. It also produces a maze of different sustainable labels covering different aspects of the food supply chain and using different audit processes that allow for varying degrees of accountability. If your team doesn’t have time to navigate this themselves, we can advise you on what you need to know and provide focused training to empower your team with the knowledge and confidence to talk about it with customers.

If you’re working towards a specific eco-label yourself, such as BCorp, Sustainable Restaurant Association SRA rating, ECOSmart, or carbon footprinting, we can help you with this. The raw sustainability data we gather on your supply chain is flexible enough to feed a wide range of ESG impact calculations and responsible business frameworks.

Promoting your sustainability

Unlike any other procurement group or software company we know, we don’t just stop at optimising your supply chain, we’ll also help you promote it. We can help you with ESG impact reporting, communicating your sustainability via QR codes, and ensuring strong storytelling with supplier visuals.