Industry-leading procure-to-pay and recipe management solution

combining sustainability and profitability in one place to save your teams hours of boring admin so they can focus on the fun, revenue generating work

Everything you need for calculating GPs and ensuring compliance while also fit for current and future challenges


  • easy to use and onboard users in the context of high staff turnover
  • easy invoice reconciliation for small and large suppliers saving hours of boring work for chefs and finance

Recipe management

  • easy to manage regional purchasing and quickly calculate different recipe GPs, allergens and calories for each location

Environmental Social Governance

  • easy to access Environmental Social Governance data on your supply chain through our marketplace and expert procurement services to ensure compliance with the Green Claims Code
  • easy to quantify your ESG impact in different ways for different stakeholder groups or different accreditations through our connected ESG and purchasing data report

We want to serve you as best we can

  • we’ll work with any supplier and gather any necessary data to get them set up
  • we offer proactive account management support and training as required
  • we’re open to any integrations you require and your data is easily exported to CSV
  • we’ll support you on any sustainability accreditation such as BCorp, SRA rating, GreenKey
  • we can do your procurement for you incorporating both ESG and pricing factors

Supporting #BetterHospitality

we like to connect like-minded people and share our knowledge gained from numerous conversations with pioneering hospitality leaders and suppliers

Better Hospitality Conference

Every year we organise the Better Hospitality Conference, a lively gathering of some of the brightest minds in the food industry to discuss the latest developments, challenges and solutions across our four key themes of sustainability, people, nutrition and business resilience.







Better Hospitality Guide

Our Better Hospitality Guide is the result of accumulated insights from the Better Hospitality Conferences we organise and the pioneering clients, suppliers and partners we work with. The premise of this guide is that better hospitality practices turn cost centres into profit drivers. These practices are based on making your people happy and your customers loyal, while enabling both your business and the planet to thrive. Packed full of creative strategies, solutions and tips from operators, who have already succeeded, the guide is easy to use and navigate with separate sections for each of your teams.

Better Hospitality Blog

Throughout the year we meet interesting people, discover new ways of doing things, adapt for new regulations, and hone our solutions. Our blog is where we share what we have learnt in bitesize chunks.

Food For Thought Supper Club

Every third Wednesday of the month we gather people together over a good meal in central London to discuss a topic based on making the food industry a better place for people and planet.

“I think Tried & Supplied’s timing could not be better. Hospitality is looking to manage its supply chains more effectively with enough flexibility so that it can source local suppliers and produce.”
Clive Watson

Co-founder of The City Pub Group