Options for opening: how to get started on a limited budget

Online at the Better Hospitality Conference 4-5pm 20th April 2021

Starting your own restaurant can seem daunting especially when faced with high rents and an uncertain market. These creative chefs have found their own ways of getting started and testing their ideas without breaking the bank. Imad Alarnab, a Syrian refugee, has set up multiple pop-up restaurants, Eddie Shepherd has created his own “underground” concept in his own home. Pascal Gerrard, a former chef, now founder of StreetCube helps other chefs to get started in his sustainable street food cube kitchens. In this session they will be comparing the pros and cons of each of their different methods.

About the speakers

Eddie Shepherd

Eddie Shepherd is an award winning modern plant-based chef. At the forefront of contemporary plant-based cuisine Eddie takes inspiration from nature to create delicious, exciting food with a modern aesthetic. Eddie runs the unique ‘Walled Gardens’ underground restaurant in Manchester, serving a modern 12 course tasting menu in an informal atmosphere.

Imad Alarnab

My name is Imad Alarnab, chef and restauranter, Syrian Refugee, founder of Imad’s Syrian Kitchen, we started as a catering company and had many pop up restaurants in the UK and across Europe. And now we are situated in the heart of London, Carnaby Street.

Pascal Gerrard

Ex chef / sustainability enthusiast who wants to help empower young chefs to champion a more sustainable food system, and so developed StreetCube. Solar-powered semi-permanent, street kitchens – converted from 10ft sea containers. Kitchens are placed into high footfall spaces, chefs use organic, seasonal, locally sourced produce to cook nutritious food that everyone can afford.