Implementing healthy eating trends in a compliant way: a focus on fermentation

Online at the Better Hospitality Conference 3-4pm 20th April 2021

Consumers are more and more seeing the link between the food they eat and their health, and there have been a plethora of new healthy eating trends crossing over from the wellness sector to the mainstream food service sector over the last 5-10 years. But what are these trends, and how can they be implemented safely, effectively and creatively in a commercial kitchen? In this interactive session nutrition trained Sustainable Chef Julie Cleijne and Vince Kelly, Director of Culinary Medicine at Westminster Kingsway talk about the healthy eating trends, including fermentation, and the considerations for safely creating them in your kitchen. Vince & Julie will incorporate a live cooking demonstration too, showing you first hand how to maximise healthy eating trends to help you attract more customers.

About the speakers

Julie Cleijne

Julie Cleijne is a Nutrition trained chef, founder of Sustainable Kitchen Consultants. Julie and team provide recipe development, training and advisory services in sustainable, healthy, plant-based and free-from cooking, and work with their clients to create innovative recipes and new products, with health and sustainability at the fore.

Vince Kelly

Vince is the Lead for Culinary Medicine UK at Westminster Kingsway College
He has pioneered several education initiatives including “Healthy plate, healthy planet “and a bespoke degree in “Culinary Health and Nutrition”. Vince is on the Executive committee of Master Chef’s of Great Britain, & has 25+ years hospitality experience