How circular interior design can create a restaurant that gives more than it takes

Online at the Better Hospitality Conference 10-11am 21st April 2021

If we want to create genuinely sustainable restaurant designs, we need to think differently than we do right now. In this session David will introduce you to the idea of a Circular Economy and explain how this has led his company to develop a Restorative Design Framework to apply to their projects. The talk will start with a bold vision for the future and what needs to change before coming back to real life examples showing how you can apply these principles to your own projects.

About David Chenery

David Chenery is the founder of Object Space Place, a sustainable hospitality design company working across architecture, interior design and branding. OSP have been members of the Sustainable Restaurant Association for 5 years and have developed a unique “Restorative Design Framework” that aims to deliver the most sustainably designed restaurants possible. David is also the co-host of the “Hospitality and the Infinite Game” podcast series and co-host of the “Sustainable Hospitality” club on Clubhouse.