Growing and buying for healthy people and healthy planet: the future of healthy menu planning

Online at the Better Hospitality Conference 9-10am 21st April 2021

Healthy menu planning is more than about appealing to the latest consumer trends. There are direct correlations with environmental challenges. There is a real need for the food sector to pro-actively play a part in ensuring healthy people, and healthy planet. In this glimpse into the not so distant future of healthy menu planning Nutrition trained Sustainable Chef Julie Cleijne talks to the team at ‘Growing Food for Nutrition’, about their BioNutrient Readers, which can provide real time nutrition density readings for individual fresh produce items. We also talk with Tom Beard from The Fold, on growing organic and using regenerative farming techniques to produce healthy produce, and healthy soils and environment. We talk about the need to connect chefs directly with growers to help the food service sector play a pivotal role in securing a healthy future for all.

About the speakers

Julie Cleijne

Julie Cleijne is a Nutrition trained chef, founder of Sustainable Kitchen Consultants. Julie and team provide recipe development, training and advisory services in sustainable, healthy, plant-based and free-from cooking, and work with their clients to create innovative recipes and new products, with health and sustainability at the fore.

Matthew Adams

Matthew Adams is co-founder and director of Growing Real Food for Nutrition (Grffn) CIC which aims to teach individuals and businesses how to grow, measure and promote the benefits of nutrient dense food. Matthew is a Deep Ecologist and Holistic Environmental Manager (B.Sc.) and enjoys learning from nature by being in, and interacting with, Mother Earth.