Designing multi-purpose restaurant spaces for additional revenue streams

Online at the Better Hospitality Conference 4-5pm 21st April 2021

The hospitality industry is emerging from the pandemic with a much more diverse range of revenue-generating activities, but all these activities require space and are suited to different types of spaces. In this interactive workshop, interior architect David Chenery will explore with restaurateur James Maray how to design multi-purpose restaurant spaces to make the most out of existing and new premises.

About the speakers

David Chenery

David Chenery is the founder of Object Space Place, a sustainable hospitality design company working across architecture, interior design and branding. OSP have been members of the Sustainable Restaurant Association for 5 years and have developed a unique “Restorative Design Framework” that aims to deliver the most sustainably designed restaurants possible. David is also the co-host of the “Hospitality and the Infinite Game” podcast series and co-host of the “Sustainable Hospitality” club on Clubhouse.

James Bates

James is co-founder of Maray Restaurants with 3 sites in Liverpool. They have been members of the SRA since 2018 and currently hold 1*. This year they have experimented with meal-kits and are looking to continue with these as hospitality reopen, but are considering how best to manage the space they require to operate.