Better Hospitality Guide

accumulated insights from hospitality experts on how to do better business and turn cost centres into profit drivers, covering sustainability, people, resilience and nutrition

Insights to make your business thrive in 2023

Our Better Hospitality Guide is the result of accumulated insights from the Better Hospitality Conferences we organise and the pioneering clients, suppliers and partners we work with. The premise of this guide is that better hospitality practices turn cost centres into profit drivers. These practices are based on making your people happy and your customers loyal, while enabling both your business and the planet to thrive.

What’s included?

Packed full of creative strategies, solutions and tips from operators, who have already succeeded, the guide is easy to use and navigate with separate sections for each of your teams.

Driving profit


  • How business ethics drive profit
  • A visual framework to track business success
  • Guiding principles of better hospitality

Creating a fantastic offering


  • Give customers what they want
  • Get all the right ingredients in place
  • Minimise waste and optimise cash

Establishing a happy team

Talent, learning & development

  • Creating a positive perception of hospitality as a career
  • Attracting the right candidates
  • Keeping people happy and engaged

Developing a loyal customer base


  • What makes customers loyal
  • Communicating your brand values
  • Using data to drive loyalty
Each year we will update the guide following the conference with new statistics, suggestions, insights and case studies. If you have have tips or a story you would like to contribute, please do get in touch.