Better Hospitality Awards 2024

Nominate those individuals and businesses you feel have made a big difference to any of our key Better Hospitality themes: sustainability, people, nutrition, and business resilience. Share their work with #BetterHospitality on LinkedIn and Instagram now !

About the awards

Every year at the Better Hospitality Conference, we bring together a wide range of pioneering speakers from across the hospitality industry, who have been doing great things, overcoming challenges, finding creative solutions and making a difference for people, planet and profit. In putting together the programme we have to be selective because time is limited, so we wanted to create a way of celebrating all the great things businesses and individuals are doing to strive for better hospitality even if there isn’t time to include them in the conference programme. This is the purpose of the Better Hospitality Awards. We hope that, by encouraging everyone to share examples of #BetterHospitality on social media, we will inspire others with the sheer volume and diversity initiatives out there.

What do we mean by better hospitality?

Business success is no longer just a question of profit. As people recognise the importance of strong business ethics, the ability for businesses to consider and support both people and planet too is increasingly affecting their profitability. We have also seen how industry wide crises can challenge the resilience of businesses to survive. The success of hospitality businesses is now dependent on how well they cover four key factors: sustainability, people, nutrition and business resilience. Better Hospitality is about driving continual improvement across these four factors to generate business success for people, planet and profit. You can find some guiding principles for how to do this that we identified from speaker discussions at previous conferences in our Better Hospitality Guide and also separately on our blog.

Our four core #BetterHospitality themes


Our current way of doing business is damaging the planet and therefore fundamentally not sustainable. We need to find ways of not only halting the damage, but regenerating what we have already destroyed or lost.


Life is precious, yet we spend the majority of our lives working, so it’s important that work is enjoyable and not depressing or stressful. How businesses manage their people makes a huge difference to their overall happiness in life.

Business resilience

No business can survive if it doesn’t have a profitable business model and isn’t agile enough to respond and adapt to major crises. Cashflow management, credit lines, cost-effective marketing models, profit margin calculations, business structure, assets, and transferable skills all come into this.


We are what we eat and unfortunately what many of us eat is putting a huge strain on our hospital services. People need to be able to access nutritious, healthy food and make better dietary choices. For hospitality businesses that means both your customers and your employees.


Who to nominate?

You can nominate any individual or business in the hospitality industry whether it’s an operator, advisor or supplier to the hospitality industry, even yourself and your own business.

How to nominate them?

Post about what they’ve achieved on either LinkedIn or Instagram using #BetterHospitality. We recommend using the format:

“I’d like to nominate x for the #BetterHospitality Awards because they made this impact by doing y. It required x, y, and z to make it happen and I think they deserve a round of applause. Use #BetterHospitality to nominate your own Better Hospitality Hero before 5pm 14th March.”

You can use the visual here to share your nomination. Nominations must be posted before 5pm 14th March to be counted. While we encourage people to celebrate their nominations publicly so that everyone can be recognised even if they don’t win, if you prefer to submit your nomination privately, you can also email with the subject line Better Hospitality Awards Nomination.

How we will be judging them ?

the impact they made
the creativity and resourcefulness shown
the level of determination required to see the initiative through

When will the winner/s be announced ?

Winners will be announced over networking drinks at the end of the Better Hospitality Conference 5pm 19th March.