About us

Tried and Supplied and Saucy Dressings are the result of a mother and daughter’s passion for food and nature and involves a team of people with experience in all aspects of the hospitality industry. Our purchasing app is created by chefs for chefs and by suppliers for suppliers. We have thought about the needs of everyone based on over ten years’ experience in the food service supply chain.

What we do

Sustainable F&B purchasing

Supplier search

  • search sustainable suppliers in your local area


Online ordering

  • order from all your suppliers in one place (you can invite any we don’t have)
  • prevent ordering mistakes and keep a clear order trail
  • stay up to date with prices and specials

Resources for passionate foodies

Saucy Dressings blog

  • read our eccentric guide for passionate foodies, covering recipes, foodie knowledge, expert interviews and sustainability


Restaurant @ Home

  • order meals made by professional chefs for you to finish off at home


Digital Foodie School

  • book cook along parties guided by professional chefs
  • book tasting masterclasses with artisan producers


Gourmet shop

  • shop our selection of cook books, foodie reads, food and drink, kitchen equipment and tableware

We’re here to help

Let us know if you have any questions or would like to discuss getting set up with Tried and Supplied.

The founders: mother and daughter

Domini Hogg

Founder, Tried and Supplied

“I have always loved food and drink, growing up as I did with a mother who kept lever-arch files full of recipes annotated with memories of eating them. But I hadn’t expected to build a career in it. Passion won out. Returning from a year in China a confirmed tea addict, I founded the Cambridge University Tea Society, which still runs to this day. To my surprise it got me my first job at Tea Palace.


There I built up my knowledge of tea and its history until I was training tea sommeliers at some of London’s top afternoon tea destinations. It was while working there that I came up with the idea for Tried and Supplied. I wanted to make it easier for restaurants and hotels to work with smaller, local suppliers and purchase sustainable food and drink.


The food industry is major contributor to global warming and loss of biodiversity. Regenerative agriculture, sustainable food production and reduced carbon footprint for logistics all play a significant role in ensuring the future of our planet. I have seen the pace of change first-hand in the British countryside and on the receding Alpine glaciers. This world is precious, and I hope that, through Tried and Supplied, I can use my expertise to help protect it.”

Clare Hogg

Founder, Saucy Dressings

“I live deep in the English countryside in a house with a dog and an Aga. I’m the Marketing Director of an engineering firm; I have a family; and not a lot of time. I started Saucy Dressings because I’m fascinated by food and drink and it gave me an excuse to talk to all kinds of people: chefs, barmen, farmers, cheesemakers, vodka distillers… every one of them passionate – and a little eccentric. Interspersed with the interviews are the recipes, as well as research posts on any ingredient that made me curious.


As my daughter’s business in food and drink took off, it made sense to link the two together. The blog now has a much clearer structure and it includes food and hospitality industry reports, and a more professional slant. If your interest in food and cooking goes beyond just making something to eat, this is the blog for you.


In addition to the blog, we have now launched saucydressings.com as a place to order spectacular meals prepared by professional chefs leaving the last few minutes for you to finish off at home. You can also book cooking classes with chefs or tasting sessions with producers via our Digital Foodie School, or browse our recommended gourmet gifts and cook books.”

We don’t just share our business, we share our music too!

You can now enjoy our foodie playlist on Spotify as well as on the blog – Fruit Salad by The Wiggles has us in fits of giggles every time!

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