We take a practical approach to sustainability inspired by nature.

Natural ecosystems are not philanthropic. They are just designed for everyone to profit. They thrive on connection, collaboration and communication. They are also not perfectly formed from the outset, but experiment and continually improve. Establishing a sustainable supply chain isn’t going to happen overnight. We need to take things step-by-step and make progress in a way that will ensure the profitability of your business. Our technology is designed to help you connect, collaborate and communicate efficiently with suppliers, while our procurement expertise builds in the profitability required to create truly sustainable supply chains.

Our expertise

Domini Hogg

Founder, Tried & Supplied

Domini formed Tried & Supplied out of a passion for better ecology, along with the simple idea of making it easier for restaurants and hotels to work with smaller, local suppliers and purchase food and drink more sustainably. Alongside a team of developers, marketing and sales experts and backed by years of experience in B2B software and hospitality, Domini launched Tried & Supplied in 2021 with a starting base of more than 500 suppliers, and also launched the Better Hospitality Conference in the same year, bringing together more than 60 speakers from across the food industry for two days of virtual talks and workshops.

Lorraine Copes

Lead Procurement Specialist

Lorraine has 19 years’ experience, with a specialism of working with quality led brands with diverse identities supporting them to improve profitabilitywhilst achieving the desired service and quality. Most recently she has led Procurement teams for Gordon Ramsay Restaurant Group and Corbin & King.

Clare Hogg

Founder, Saucy Dressings

Clare is the mind behind Tried & Supplied’s sister platform Saucy Dressings, a fun and opinionated look at the world of food and hospitality. An experienced marketing director, she created the platform out of a lifelong fascination with food and drink and a desire to talk to interesting and eclectic people from all areas of the industry, from chefs and bartenders to farmers, cheesemakers, vodka distillers and more. Saucy Dressings has since become a respected and far-reaching platform that also includes food masterclasses and an e-commerce platform selling meal kits, cookbooks, great produce and prints of Saucy Dressings’ famous mascot, the vegetable lady, Letitia. 

Our inspiration from nature

Millions of years ago, plants and trees didn’t have any roots. They traded sugars generated through photosynthesis in exchange for nutrients foraged by an underground network of fungus. They still rely on this network today: it’s called mycelium, also dubbed the ‘wood-wide web’ due to its ability to connect plants and trees together. Plants use the web to talk to each other, collaborate, and share resources. Tried & Supplied’s model is inspired by this natural ecosystem, using mycelium’s lessons as a basis by which to improve communication, collaboration and resource across our network of suppliers and venues.

We are passionate foodies

and regularly write up our discoveries on Saucy Dressings, the eccentric guide for people who take food and drink seriously…

We also love to have a laugh and share our music

You can now enjoy our foodie playlist on Spotify as well as on the blog – Fruit Salad by The Wiggles has us in fits of giggles every time!

We’re here to help

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